I spent quite some time reading all the comments and the fallout from yesterday’s loss to Bournemouth and it was interesting stuff indeed. It’s obvious that one of the biggest issues with the loss is that it was Bournemouth that beat us in a game we should have won and when you place that defeat on top of the Burnley defeat, it really isn’t pretty reading at all. Even though they were both away matches it still can’t be glossed over and forgotten. Well maybe we can a teensy weenie little bit. 

2 losses, 3 draws and 9 wins, 3rd in the table, 4 points behind Chelsea and still to play Chelsea at home, highest scorers in the league without depending on strikers, 9pts ahead of the 6th place team (cough United), 24 more Premier League games to play. I’m sure we could find a few more pluses if we wanted, but those two defeats still stick out like a sore thumb, don’t they. I wonder how would people feel if those two defeats were against, say Chelsea and Arsenal away or Arsenal and Spurs away or even if those 6 dropped points were because of draws to the top teams in the Premier League table at the moment. Would it be more acceptable? Here I better stop. This can of gloss paint is nearly empty. Hahaha.15380418_1377055988995806_2700573342989750743_n

It’s Monday and not the best day to lighten the spirit but what the heck. It’s been a great season so far and an entertaining and enjoyable one. It’s a long and winding road til next May and I’m sure we will probably lose again along the way but that’s football. Yesterday was crap but there are loads of tomorrows to look forward to. Stay in the top four and stay in touching distance with whoever is on top come the new year and then we will see what happens. Don’t ya just love Liverpool and football? #fran #lfc