It’s probably ok to sit at home and complain about two dropped points in a game that we were by far the better team, but when you look at it from a more realistic point of view, you have to feel grateful for what you can get in situations like that today. What a completely shite day to play football. The rain, the cold and then you have Southampton away on top of that. Just the pictures of Jurgen Klopp in the pissing
rain shows what Liverpool had to put up with and for a passing team, those conditions were tough. It was one of those Saturdays where points were hard fought points and I’m sure the players are delighted it is over.p161119-033-southampton_liverpool-600x420

It was always going to be difficult against the Saints who somehow after all their business over the last few seasons, manage to field teams that are competitive and full of decent players. On paper, on stats and on the pitch, Southampton are one of the better teams in the top half of the Premier League table and they are not a walk over team by any stretch of the imagination. What you get, you earn against Southampton and you know you have earned it.

Liverpool put in a good days work today and are unfortunate not to come away with all 3 points. Why the pundits are complaining, I don’t really know. Do they really expect Liverpool to score 4 goals every week. I’m actually pretty happy with that performance. Not the result, the performance. Liverpool are no longer a soft team who can be bossed by teams who rely on their big players. In fact Liverpool are the team who are calling the shots of late and they will take that clean sheet performance as another step in the right direction.

Player of the day for me would be Sadio Mane for his effort and he was so unlucky not to score. Actually every Liverpool player worked hard and earned that point that keeps them top for the time being. It’s not one of those matches where I even want to have a go or find fault in individual performances because as I stated at the start of the post, it was a shite day for football. #fran #lfc