I’m not buying into the latest story doing the rounds that Sturridge wants to leave in January. First of all I can’t find any real proof and second of all it’s just speculation by the Mirror on what they believe is the situation at Lfc. Can anyone come up with a quote or quotes that came from the mouth of Daniel Sturridge or anyone at Lfc that would indicate he wants out or wants to leave in January. No , because there are none. It’s a load of bollix as far as I am concerned.



You know, I’m actually f*cking annoyed with what I am reading on social media at the moment. It seems people will believe any crap they read and even add to the ripples themselves with comments that do more damage than good to a situation. It’s obvious that Sturridge reads what is written on Social Media. It’s obvious he is the type of person that takes what is said to heart. Are we going to end up with another player who feels he has to go public to explain his personal feelings and get stoned to death by letters and words on facebook and twitter for doing so. I really hope not because we don’t need any more ugly endings at the club.

I actually like Daniel Sturridge and I admire and respect him as a person and as a player. Do I think he is lazy? No I don’t. I’ll take what he said the other day about being where he has to be on the pitch at the right time. I’ll take what he said about not wanting to play on the wing. I’ll even take the one thing that annoys me about him and that he is selfish at times. It’s easy understand and instead of ripping him apart for not scoring, I’ll praise him for almost scoring 3 goals against Watford and I’ll praise him for his work that helped other players to score. I’ll also understand that he might not be that player that shone alongside Luis Suarez but I’ll also understand that he has to do things his way and stay away from those injuries that could cost him what is left of his career.

Should Liverpool keep him? Well yes in my opinion, but there is a niggling temptation to take £30m and rid the club of that fear that one more injury and Daniel Sturridge could be finished in that yes. #fran #lfc