Premier League table looks very interesting after only 5 games. For Liverpool it’s pretty respectable and when you take into consideration that it is their best start since 2008, well yes, it is respectable indeed. Of course it could have been even better but for that one blip against Burnley that sticks out like a sore thumb. The thing about a sore thumb is that it will heal in time under the right conditions, and Liverpool have already plastered over the blemish and relieved the swelling with two fantastic home and away victories over the Premier League Champions of the previous two seasons. Place those alongside the 4 away points that were picked up against Arsenal and Spurs and you get a picture that should be very pleasing to the majority of Liverpool fans. Those few that find fault will be those few that would find fault even if Liverpool beat Burnley because that would leave them room to give out about the other two points that should have been picked up at White Hart Lanepremier-league-table-2.

As value for points stand, Liverpool are way ahead of anyone else at the moment. A childish statement like, “my 10pts are better than yours” might not be all that childish when you study how those Liverpool points were accumulated compared to the points that were accumulated by the teams that are above Liverpool in the Premier League table at the moment. Man City, Everton, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea have had way easier starts to the season than Liverpool.

Would Chelsea or Arsenal swap their 10pts for Liverpool’s 10 against the same standard of opposition? Bet your life they would. Would Spurs swap their 11pts? Oh I’d say they would think hard about it. Would Everton swap their 13pts ? Probably not because they know they only need another 27 more to keep them up this season and fancy accumulating those 27pts by whip arsing teams that they know are lesser than them, hahaha. Oh come on, I’m a Liverpool fan, what did you expect, hahaha. Would Man City swap their 15pts from 5 games? No, because they have the players and the team to achieve similar points from the same fixtures.

It really is going to be interesting to see how everyone else in the Premier League does against that same opposition that Liverpool have faced in their first 5 matches. Some of them will feel that they already have a head start when they think of Burnley and maybe they do, but this is the Premier League and we all know that even teams like Burnley have a huge part to play in it.

Liverpool have accumulated 6pts from their encounters with Leicester City at home and Arsenal away. To put that into perspective it might be worth keeping in mind that Arsenal came away with one miserable point from their encounters with Leicester City away and Liverpool at home. Liverpool also picked up 3 more at Stamford Bridge and let’s stick in that precious point away to Spurs because by the time we reach the half way stage of this Premier League season, those results and points will be gold dust and there won’t be many teams, if any at all, that will match Liverpool’s results against Arsenal, Spurs, Leicester City and Chelsea.  #fran #lfc