Supporting Liverpool Football Club is an emotion in itself. They can take you from a high to a low , turn you inside out and upside down, eat you and spit you out and that’s just over 90 minutes. It really isn’t for the faint hearted but any die hard Liverpool fan will tell you that supporting Lfc is like nothing else on earth and no other club will ever come close to the emotional trip or rollercoaster ride that Lfc take you on. It’s just incredible. That decision to follow Lfc is one of the greatest decisions you have or will ever make in life. Believe me, I have been on it for 50 years now and it still has me in its grip of wanting more and more and more.

Take last night’s game as an example. Anyone that read my early pre match post will know that I was feeling apprehensive about the match. One fan wrote in comments that I wrote that post with my fingers crossed. He was bloody spot on at the time. I had my fingers crossed and I would have crossed my eye balls if I thought it would make a difference. I wanted Liverpool to win that game so badly that I was afraid to believe they would. I pictured every scenario and covered in my head how the players would feel and how even the fans would feel and react if we lost. I dreaded the thought. I dreaded the thought of even being an admin in the aftermath of another disappointing result, because it’s never easy to console and give hope to so many when you are in a similar state of mind. I knew a draw would satisfy practically everybody so that was the safest prediction. I knew a win would send every Liverpool fan into the weekend with that warm satisfying feeling of comfort within.

The match started and Liverpool looked eager and determined from the start. It was very good watching from my point of view and then they scored. Hahaha. Ok we were ahead and I knew the game would change to suit us and we might actually grab another because Chelsea would have to change their own game to get back into it. Out of the blue Henderson hits a glorious shot that at the time looked like it was covered, but on reflection and constant replays proved to be a wonder strike that no goalkeeper on earth would have saved even if he had a yard brush in his hand. Ok, slight exaggerating but I’m still excited thinking about the match. This is what I’m talking about and what Liverpool do to you.

First half was fantastic for Liverpool. Phew, Time for a breather. Second half started and I knew what to expect. Chelsea were going to come at us, but it didn’t actually happen that way. Liverpool somehow forgot what they were doing and began the process of undoing what they had achieved in the first half. At times they were frustrating to watch and in the end it was a mass of individual mistakes that allowed Chelsea back into the game. I flicked through the pages and the blame game was well on the way. From what I witnessed, you could blame up to five Liverpool players for the calamity that caused Chelsea to score. My first initial reaction was towards Costa, “ that barstool has scored, can’t stand the………..” Fill in the blank yourself. Hahahaha. Shit happens and shit happens big in games like this one. It was going to be a tense finish and the longest 30 minutes in football.

That damn clock in the corner of the screen was going so slow. Spent the rest of the match trying to avoid it, but it was impossible. Game was on a knife edge and so were the emotions. We were nearly there and then just as we looked as if we were back in attack mode and about to finish the game off, Jurgen Klopp takes Coutinho off and replaces him in a wtf moment with Lucas. First thought was, “oh jasus, here comes old yellow card, we are f**ked,” and it didn’t take long for Lucas to add to his precious collection of yellow cards and put Liverpool in one of those” I don’t want to watch” moments. I watched and it was probably that clearance and that moment that I felt the game was ours. Liverpool just cleared everything in Leicester City fashion after that and we won.

I spent the next few hours reading comments on facebook and seeing the reaction of fellow fans who were as estatic as I was. I actually felt drained and relaxed and delighted that Liverpool were finally giving the fans something to cheer about. Welcome to Lfc, the place where the brave hearts survive, the place where football, love and emotions write their own love stories and the place where I will return time and time again for another fix of what I do best in my life and that is following Liverpool Football Club. #fran #lfc