Well, well, well. It seems admin Alex’s posts about Brendan Rodgers caused quite a bit of a stir and caused a lot of tension and emotion to spill over onto the page. Personally I take my hat off to the lad for having the guts to take on such a post. I’m sure he knew he would have to undertake a barrage of abuse, but that was never going to stop admin Alex from sharing his opinion. hahahaha.
Some of you might have noticed your comment was deleted. That was me. You will

also see that most of your comments are still on the page. That’s because like admin Alex, you are allowed to share them and in quite a lot of them admin Alex respected your opinions and even took the time to interact and respond. It’s the ones that resort to over the top name calling directed at admins that I personally won’t stand for. No one got banned. The remarks were just deleted because they contained very offensive words. Admin Alex has given this page a hell of a lot of time before and after he was appointed admin. You don’t have to agree with his opinions but for God sake show him and the rest of the admins a bit of respect and refrain from using words of abuse that you wouldn’t like used towards you.
Reading all the comments on admin Alex’s post has to be the best entertainment I have had in ages. By God some of you guys (females included) really have it in for Brendan Rodgers. I won’t go into it but let me just say this. Brendan Rodgers said he would get Liverpool back into the Champions League. He did that and if all the maybe this and maybe that’s (covered over the year and not going through them all again) were put in place, he might have done it more than once. I find it a real shame that finishing second and missing out on winning the Premier League overshadows an achievement that practically every Liverpool fan would have been satisfied with at the start of the 2013/14 season. No one and that included myself expected Brendan Rodgers to come so close to something that would have made him an everlasting hero if he had pulled it off. Instead he will be remembered as the man who lost the Premier League and if Jurgen Klopp walked away after this season with noting to show, he would be remembered as the man who got us to two cup finals. Strange how no one every puts “and lost” after that remark.
As it turns out, Brendan Rodgers would have been better off finishing 3rd or 4th ,because that 2nd place finish achieved because of some of the most exciting and exhilarating football I have ever seen a Liverpool team play, has been a curse bestowed upon Brendan Rodgers forever. No one is even allowed talk about that season in question without getting ripped into by none other than fellow Liverpool fans. I actually find that very sad. Personally I can’t stop thinking about the season we played practically every Premier League team off the pitch and it was Brendan Rodgers team that did it. He managed those players and maybe he was lucky to have one of the best players in the World, a player that inspired every single Liverpool player to step up a level, a player that inspired the manager and a player that inspired the fans to come out and support Liverpool in a way that resembled the great days of the past. Ok the manager is gone. So is Suarez, but where did the players go and where did that astonishing support go because the last time I looked, it was a shambles of what it was back then. If it takes another Suarez like player to ignite the passion and the will to win at Lfc and restore that spark in the asses of the fans, well I guess the answer to Liverpool’s problem is staring them straight in the face. What a really strange game this football is. Champions League qualification is what I asked for from Brendan Rodgers and Champions League is what I got. Shame about that excursion, another story.
So we moved onto the Klopp era at Lfc and cross our fingers that he won’t have gremlins and ghosts or bad luck or just whatever interfering with his destiny. People go on about what Klopp has to offer. People say he will do this and he will do that and bring real success back to the club. I really hope he does. In his early days at Lfc he made a statement that he would win the title with Liverpool in 4 years even though at the time he only had a 3 year contract. I didn’t actually take him serious at the time and put that remark down to fan pleasing. Maybe he should just have stuck to what Brendan Rodgers said and made Champions League qualification a more realistic target until his team was established and polished to its finest. I knew in my heart that Jurgen Klopp didn’t really know the size of the task he was undertaking at Lfc. How could he. He never experienced anything else outside of Germany and in his early months at Liverpool, he acted and spoke like an astonished man. He actually acted like a child with a new toy that has so many pieces, he was struggling to put them all in place. He still is struggling, but at least he knows the scale of the task now. Most of you that read this post probably had a better idea of what it would take to win the Premier League with Liverpool back when Jurgen Klopp took charge as manager. The English Premier League is a whole new experience and way different from what Klopp was use to. Yes he has experience of winning with Dortmund but he really only had Bayern Munich to beat. This time he has 4,5 and even 6 teams that would give Bayern Munich a good run for their money if they were in the Bundesliga.
What do I expect of Jurgen Klopp this season and in the long run. To be honest, probably the same as I expected under Brendan Rodgers and even Kenny Dalglish. I expected a process that would eventually create the groundwork that would eventually lead to titles and real long term success with both those managers and I expect the same with Jurgen Klopp. That for me is the aim and the goal set when ever Liverpool change managers. The person appointed to do the job is a tool in the box and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. Managers will come and go but the club will always be there and Liverpool need managers that can take over the reins of a predecessor and carry the torch into the future. What Klopp builds has to be for the long term and not just to satisfy a hunger for one Premier League title to satisfy the hunger of the fans. It has to be repetitive success and if tiny steps is what it takes, well tiny steps it is. No one knows what will happen this season but I do expect a real push for top 4 finish or failing that, I do expect a feeling of excitement come next May that tells me we are finally on the right road to success and knowing that a few more tweaks is all it will take.
I did have that feeling of regret when Dalglish was forced to stand down and I even had that feeling of regret when the not so popular Brendan Rodgers was forced to stand down as well. Like admin Alex, I also liked the man. That’s just me so put your guns back in your holsters. Being enough shooting on this page lately. Hahaha. In my heart I knew there had to be changes but there was always that feeling that both men left unfinished business behind and it left that, “we will never know now” emptiness inside. It’s not like the fish that got away scenario but more like, “what the hell was on the end of the line” mystery.
I’m not a jump on the wagon type and for me it’s about earning respect and that goes for Jurgen Klopp also. I understand his appointment was an opportunity and timing for Liverpool and for Klopp. It was a case of strike while the iron is hot or miss out. I’m not interested in what Klopp did at Dortmund or that World class title that is bestowed upon him by many. To me he is just simply Jurgen Klopp, the manager of the team I have loved from when I was around 5 years old back in the sixties. I look at him like any other manager and I say, “handle my club with care or else”.
Klopp is growing on me slowly but surely. My like for the man was not instant as it seems to be in most cases. I’m just the cautious type, but my fairness and judgement is well known among my friends and I carry that same fairness and judgement when ever Liverpool appoint a new manager. I like what I see and then I hate what I see. Dortmund, Barcelona and Arsenal are proof that Klopp has something fantastic to offer and then you get sent into a piss mire of a place when you see games like last Saturday. How do you take that on board without getting angry with someone. Is it Klopp or is it the players that can’t put two decent performances together, the very same players that can’t shut up when they win and disappear when they lose.
I remember taking pity on Kenny Dalglish for Postgate. That was the season when some unknown entity moved the posts and the cross bar to their liking to punish the King and practically put an end to his management of the club. I nearly cried for the man when he did those interviews and all he could do is scratch his head with that wtf expression on his face. I remember taking pity on Brendan Rodgers when an entire team of players forgot how to play football after Luis Suarez left and the goal glut of SaS + The Rest became a famine that starved and smothered an entire season thereafter. Another wtf head scratching event, only it was terminal hair displacement for many a fan by the time the season was over.
The last thing Liverpool need now is another wtf event that hinders Jurgen Klopp’s project. I really don’t want to have to take pity on another manager because he isn’t allowed finish what he started. That can’t happen again and it mustn’t happen again. Yes it might get real ugly before it gets pretty. Results like last Saturday will no doubt occur again. The trophy cabinet might stay as it is for another season, but that can be acceptable if what Jurgen Klopp is doing has an end product that produces even more silver ware in the long run. The Normal One is in charge now, but if he can somehow manage to turn Lfc back in the right direction , he just might end up becoming The Exceptional One. #fran #lfc