Since Manchester United surpassed Liverpool’s 18 league titles in 2011, and then went one better in 2013 with title number 20, it is thought by many Manchester United fans and people alike that this was enough for them to be classed as the most successful English team of all time. Obviously if I felt there was no argument for Liverpool’s case to still be classed as the more successful team, then I’d have to sit back and eat humble pie, accepting the fact we are no longer the most successful club of the 2. But anyway, I am not going to do that, and instead I’m going to put across a few points as to why I still think Liverpool have every right to be still classed as the greatest club to come from these shores.

Now granted, since the start of the premier League, and as much as it is hard to say this, you have to accept United have being the more successful club off the football pitch and on it. Unfortunately for Manchester United and their fans both clubs have a history that goes back longer than the previous 20 odd years or so. And as much as the Red Devils won’t like to admit it, there can be no doubt who had the lions share of the successes generated by both clubs for the previous century before 1992 and by quite some distance.

Obviously if United hadn’t of had the successes of the past 23 years then this debate wouldn’t even be a debate. It would just be accepted by all that Liverpool were far superior in successes on the pitch and that would be that. Unfortunately over the past 23 years, the successes of the 2 clubs have now become marginally close. This meaning it comes down to a couple of deciding factors on Liverpool’s behalf, and these are the factors that are still keeping United at arms length in their pursuit of actually really knocking Liverpool off their perch.

Now United, at the start of the premier league era had an almost identically trophy cabinet to that of Aston Villa. So you have to admit it, they have come along way since. Whether it was Fergie time that’s played a big part, his constant mind games derailing other managers and their teams chances, no penalties awarded at Old Trafford for a decade, their financial wealth allowing them to spend sufficiently to win silverware or whatever the reason behind their successes are. What matters unfortunately for Liverpool is that United’s successes do all count and here’s why we have to use the little details to still claim to be out in front as the most successful club.

For a start Liverpool Fc was founded several years after Manchester United, allowing united more years of opportunities to win things. Liverpool have won more League cups. Manchester United won more FA Cups. Liverpool have won more Uefa Cups and Manchester United have won more cup winners cups. In fact Liverpool never won the Cup winners cup and United have never won the Uefa cup. I won’t count other small trophies such as the charity shield because they are just glorified friendlies.

So now it’s on to the most important part of the article. The part that really does separate the 2 sides and it actually comes down to small ratio’s. Liverpool have 18 titles to United’s 20, giving United a ratio of 18:20 or 9:10 over Liverpool. Liverpool on the other hand have 5 European Cups to United’s 3, giving Liverpool a ratio of 5:3, or if we use a ratio of 20:12 to compare it to that of titles won than it means Liverpool have a significantly better statistic still on the major honours front, and that is the ultimate deciding factor.

Not only in my eyes have Liverpool played better football than United throughout a large part of both their existences, but Liverpool have also dominated Europe, winning 4 European Cups in 7 years. A record even better than the great Barcelona sides between 2006-2015 who also won 4 European Cups, but over an extra 2 years. United have never dominated Europe. They have however dominated English football for a significant number of years recently, but Liverpool have dominated both English football and European football and although you have to accept United as the most successful team in England, Liverpool are the most successful team in England and Europe and Europe covers a wider area than just being successful in Your own country.

I think this statistically and geographically still puts us ahead of United. And after all these years of trying they still haven’t knocked Liverpool off their perch. ‪#‎Alex‬