This is Jurgen Klopp’s second season at Lfc, but his first real season where the excuses for failure can’t be passed down the line to what went before. It’s time to let go the past and banish the blame factor and work on what is going on right now at Lfc. It’s Jurgen Klopp time and it’s Jurgen Klopp’s team from now on and that factor applies whether Liverpool are winning or whether they are losing.

From now on there can be no hiding places for any short falls that will occur. It’s the understanding of those short falls that the fans will have to use to stay in touch and stay sane while Jurgen Klopp himself rattles his brain stupid when plans don’t actually go his way. Not even the popular and loved Jurgen Klopp can write a promissory note or guarantees that Liverpool won’t have a season without upps and ahhs or, “f**k that” moments. It just doesn’t work that way.

Jurgen Klopp’s signature is on the managers contract and it is with his approval that the squad of 2016/17 are almost ready to go. From the young to the old, to the new and the experienced, to the the grounds people to the tea lady, to the trainers and the entire staff, this is the Klopp Factor that will grow once the first ball of the 2016/17 seasons kicks off.

This is what the Liverpool fans have been waiting patiently on for the last 9 months. Finally they have a reason to be at least hopeful that their patience will give them reasons to sing again.The shackles of the past and the ball and chains that hindered the progress of the man from the Black Forest can finally be broken to allow the Normal One a free path to become the one who makes his own name and his own history. Klopp is building and this time, it is in the fans interest to get into the managers head and be part of the building process.

Screw all that crap where rival clubs are spending big to compete. It can be demoralising to miss out on target players, but no one ever really stated that Jurgen Klopp really had set targets. Either way he seemed to just put his cool hat on and say, “f**k that, I’ll shop in Aldi”. Maybe shopping in Aldi could turn out to be a good thing for football in the future. If Jurgen Klopp can fill a trolley full of ordinary and make dishes of quality from what he buys, it might catch on and everyone else might shop there and the price of quality will be forced to drop, just to stay in the game.

Where other clubs are willing to spend upward of £100m on one player that has no guarantee of success and always prone to the same disaster as any other player injury wise, Klopp seems to believe that you can not build a wall with one gold brick. Well most clubs can’t afford a Golden Brick so I reckon that would be like a make up story about a chocolate factory full of wonder and glorious things where greed lost. It’s better to buy bricks that are solid and bricks that bind well with other solid bricks to form a wall that won’t fall down if one gets damaged by unpredicted factors
Spending wise, Klopp has been very clever. A couple of weeks ago there was a worry that he was somewhat awkward in what he was doing. Stop the clock right now and it’s quite a different story. Players like Grujic, Mane, Wijanldum, Klavan and Matip combined indicate that a Golden Wall of grit and strength is being constructed.The most important ingredient in this wall is the manager. He is the cement that binds it all together and he is the strength that will keep it from falling in the future.

No one knows exactly what to expect from Jurgen Klopp this coming season but it sure as hell has got the imagination going among Liverpool fans. The excitement is building. Ready Steady Klopp is about to unfold and they are hoping that by the time he is finished he will be Masterchef and his dish of Coutinho, Firmino, Sturridge, Ings , Mane and side dishes of Wijnaldum, Grujic and Origi will shatter the taste buds of Liverpool football fans across the World and leave them gasping for more. ‪#‎fran ‪#‎lfc