I’m sure by now people are getting a real scope of what Jurgen Klopp has to deal with and what he has to do to get Liverpool back among the top teams in the Premier League. It was never going to be as simple as go out and buy the best players in the World. That just doesn’t happen at

Liverpool these days. The club just hasn’t got that pulling power that Liverpool fans would like it to have and that hurts. Those that also thought it was as simple as a phone call, “Hello, it’s me Jurgen, I want you to play for Liverpool” are probably a bit disappointed by now.
It’s hard to take in that lesser clubs in the Premier League can be more attractive than a club that has so much history and success in the past. This is what Klopp has to change but he is going to have to do it by doing what he is paid to do and that is manage. It’s just simple, “get your hands dirty” management and the sort of management that we really need at Lfc.
Klopp might come across as Mr Nice and Mr Normal to the media and in front of the cameras but you can bet your life that behind the scenes there is a Jurgen Klopp that wants success as badly as anyone and he will work his ass and the asses of the players off to get it. Forget all that laughing and nicesities because it gets you nothing in the end. We need to see that take no bollix attitude from the manager and the players on and off the pitch.
What’s going on at Lfc is serious stuff. It’s not at crisis point yet but Jurgen Klopps spell at Lfc needs to be a success to prevent it from turning into a real crisis. I dread the thought of what would happen after Klopp if he failed in his mission. People need to realise the enormity of the job he undertook because he must have know it himself at the time. It was not just a new Dortmund but something much much bigger. The Premier League takes no prisoners and the competition is brutal and for Liverpool especially, the pressure is unmeasurable.
Klopp insisted there was no point in Liverpool going for players who the club simply couldn’t get and admitted: “I cannot make the transfers everyone wants”.
“We have to build our own squad and the base for this squad is the team from last year. For us it is not a moment to change a whole team, there is no reason for it.”
These are Klopp’s words and I actually like what he is saying. Ok, maybe I do feel disappointed that those top quality players that we missid out on in the past are shunning Liverpool for other clubs, but that’s just the way it is right now. Down deep in my heart I knew Jurgen Klopp would have to build a dream from the ground up and maybe some day when that dream is a reality, the phone will ring and it will be those quality players asking Jurgen Klopp to be a part of the story. For now though, it’s just a matter of being patient and enjoying episode 1 of Klopp’s Story at Lfc. #fran #lfc