Since the day Christian Benteke signed for Liverpool from Aston Villa, there were always an equal share of critics and optimists. As I lay in my hospital bed awaiting surgery, reading the news on Twitter, I was in the optimistic camp – it’s fair to say that’s changed.

On the tin, the big Belgian looked to be everything we have shouted out for in a striker; powerful and with an eye for goal. He was frequently part of the spoils when he played for Aston Villa, but was never able to replicate it at Anfield – he’s had the chances.

Considering his Premier League experience, he was probably thought to be a safer option. The sum on the cheque was £32 million, and for that kind of money you would expect him to be the best on the market, and that he wasn’t.
At Liverpool, we love our overhyped strikers – Just ask Andy Carroll; I’m already having flashbacks, please make it stop.

Though, it remains to be said whether Brendan Rodgers actually wanted him, or if it was another transfer committee signing; who’s signing was it anyway? He found himself sliding down the pecking order after initially being given the vote of confidence by the Northern Irishman.

For Benteke, the news of Brendan’s firing would’ve been as welcome for him as it was for us. Jurgen Klopp, or Kloppo, arrived at Anfield and he was seemingly given another chance to prove his worth for the team, and stake his claim for a starting spot.

Sadly, it was the same story. He was given a number of chances under Kloppo but failed to make the most of them, often when points were for the taking; he managed to find his way to the bench yet again, this time becoming the back up for fellow Belgian, Divock Origi.

This makes his recent outburst, whilst on International Duty, all the more bizarre. His claims that “Jurgen ignores me” and “I wouldn’t have joined if I wasn’t going to be first choice” couldn’t be any wider of the mark. Kloppo knows he’s there, but can’t trust him to win the game.

Have we already seen the last of Benteke in a Liverpool shirt? Quite possibly. News broke last night that our infamous number 9 has sustained knee ligament damage, leaving him on the sidelines for around a month; potentially, the final nail in the coffin.

Fear not fellow reds, word on the street says that West Ham are interested in the services of Benteke, which wasn’t going to be a huge surprise, considering their love for our previous failed number 9! Can somebody tell them we have Mario Balotelli on the market as well? Please?

Now it’s time to have your say. Who would you pick to replace Christian Benteke in our starting 11 for next season? The summer is shaping up to be a very busy one for Liverpool, I hope the Melwood maintenance crew have enough paint to cover for all of the leaning our new signings will do.

Let me know your opinions!