The Walkout is the talk of the weekend and like a lot of fans who don’t get to go to the matches, I’m not really in a position to condemn or condone those who did the walking, so I won’t. Instead I’m just going to try my best to understand the whole situation and take in the views and opinions of anyone that it effects directly.

I’m sure they will wonder did that 77-minute action click the switch that seemed to deflate Liverpool while boosting Sunderland into action, because up to the time of the walkout, Sunderland weren’t in the game and Liverpool were home and dry. I sat here watching the match and thought, “ok, maybe it might work out ok and the message will be sent and no damage will be done on the pitch”. At 2-0 with 13 minutes left, Liverpool should never have allowed Sunderland to walk away from Anfield with a point, let alone leave with that feeling that they had done what many others have done this season and proved that Liverpool are easy fodder for teams with a hunger to chew them up at the right moment. It’s like selective kick ass sometimes and Liverpool have lost the ability to close doors, shut teams out and get the job done.

I must admit I did feel sad the moment the fans left their seats and headed for the gates as I sighed and asked myself, “is this what it has come to.” It was a strange one to adjust to, but I can only imagine it must have been difficult for those fans to leave the ground when they did. Those fans pay a lot of money to watch Liverpool play in hail, rain, snow or sunshine. If they feel so strong about a situation that led them to protest and walk out on something they really obviously love, well how could they be condemned. I really didn’t want it to happen, but some part of me strangely wanted the entire stadium to empty at the same time to send out the message that the fans are unsettled with recent price adjustments and don‘t want to sit back and take it anymore. I use the word adjustments because in truth, that’s all it seems to.

Yes, reductions were made to please some, and prices were frozen to please others, and other little quirky ideas were included to make those who made the decisions out to be caring and loving club representatives. Someone was always going to pay for those little give away ideas and someone else just thought it would be ok to push the burden onto those who could afford the increases from £59 to £77 in their opinion. With an explosion of money about to be flushed into the Premier League next season, it’s only right to give the fans a piece of the action. Maybe other clubs should follow Liverpool’s action and turn their protest into something that every fan across the entire football industry can benefit from. Instead of walking out, maybe a 10 minute silent protest would have a similar effect. How strange would it feel to hear nothing from 45’000 fans and resist the temptation to even clap if a goal is scored during that 10 minutes. How eerie would it be to not celebrate when a goal is scored and I bet your ass, that would attraction attention from all overt the World. Now that would interesting. Admin Fran.