Jurgen Klopp warns Pep Guardiola he will find it tougher in England.

More often than not, it’s the words we speak to others that reveal how we feel about situations and by warning Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp reveals that he is finding it tough in England. Well that was to be expected and we all knew that would be the case, but sometimes I feel that Jurgen Klopp was taken by surprise and wears a wtf face quite a lot. Did he, and does Pep Guardiola think

they could or can just breeze into the Premier League and expect everything to fall into place?

It has to be said that if comparisons are going to be made Jurgen Klopp will always have the harder job managing Liverpool. Man City are in a position to give Pep Guardiola what ever he needs to win titles. He isn’t coming over to England because he has a sudden desire to manage Man City or for the beautiful weather they get in Manchester. No, he is coming to win with a club who have the resources to do so. He could have chosen United or probably any club in the Premier League but instead he went with the certainty and the money because City won’t be far away when titles are handed out over the next 3 seasons.

Klopp on the other hand will be lucky if he gets a sniff of the Premier League title during the 3 seasons he has agreed to at Liverpool. First of all the money required to change this present team from regular to extra large won’t be as easy come by as many people think. Selling will play a big part in funding any new players, but even selling might be a problem if these players fail to even market themselves on the pitch. So far Jurgen Klopp is playing Mr Nice Guy and keeping Mr Hyde from appearing but sooner or later that mean streak he shows at times of frustration will have to show it’s head and kick a few arses into place.

I’m not sure if Pep Guardiola coming to the Premier League is a good thing or a bad thing for Jurgen Klopp. Does he really need the media to turn it into a Klopp v Pep rivalry, because you can bet your ass they will, and there will be no escaping it. Jurgen Klopp will be starting his second season by the time Pep Guardiola arrives, but already Pep Guardiola will be miles ahead of him in quality players. It will be a massive effort to keep up with Manchester City and I’m not saying it’s not possible because you only have to look at Leicester City for hope and inspiration, but chances are it won’t be until Jurgen Klopp’s third season at LFC that he will have any chance of doing what he did back in the Bundesliga in 2011 and 2012 with Dortmund, and if that happens, well maybe , just maybe Jurgen Klopp v Pep Guardiola will be a story that will go down in Premier League history as a classic.
by Admin Fran