I was never actually sold on Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool manager for what he achieved at Dortmund. All the talk of a World class manager didn’t rub off on me. I just didn’t see it the same way as everyone else and I still don’t. A couple of good seasons at Dortmund doesn’t make anyone a World class manager, so let’s get rid of that title and take the pressure off his back because he doesn’t need that backpack he mentioned in his interview to be weighed down with heavy fan imposed titles or expectations that might hinder his progress. I could spend ages plucking away at his managerial history and take you all back on a journey that would point out that Klopp is indeed what he says he is and that is, The Normal One and that’s where the man called Jurgen Klopp really got my attention once he spoke.

I like Dortmund football club and I have watched quite a lot of their football over the last few seasons under Klopp. Exciting is a word I would use, but also a likable club that oozes charisma and class, but also remains a fans club. As a proud Liverpool fan I have to admit there are certain things Liverpool can learn from Dortmund and even the fans who wave the black and amber with so much pride. It’s envious watching them at times. I say envious, because it sends me back to a time when Liverpool fans were the ones who stole the show of the flag and banner bearers and hopefully those days will return with more intensity under The Normal One.

Earlier today as I watched and listened to Jurgen Klopp speak on LFCTV. I was impressed by what I was hearing and how the man came across. He made me smile at how down to earth he was and how he wasn’t that far away from the jersey and jeans friends I have in my own life. The sort of people who I can relate to, because they are what I also call normal. I do like the man and now that I get a real glimpse of what he is selling, I like him a little bit more, but let’s not forget that he still has a lot to sell before we can get any hopes up. Speaking about the club I love and the way he spoke was all I was waiting on to make my mind up once and for all whether Klopp was the man for LFC. Oh I’ve had people and fellow admins try to ram it down my neck that he was the man , but I’m the sort of person that waits to be persuaded by the person and not what other believe.

I really like what I heard today, but I’m still wondering do others understand exactly what Klopp was saying in person. From what I make out he isn’t promising instant success, but sees success as his long term goal. How to measure that success is going to be down to each and every one, but I wouldn’t be expecting titles soon. I’m not saying it will or won’t happen, but fans might even have to put Champions League football on hold for another season and accept that this really is a clean sheet in the history of the club, where every thing that has gone before will have to be put aside. We are the club looking up and we have to accept that with out any gripe. No more of the talk about we deserve better because of the past and the size of the club. We have to earn what we get.

Jurgen Klopp is the new manager of Liverpool Football Club, a club that will only climb to the top of the hill if patience and support go hand in hand, a club that cannot survive without a unison between everyone involved, from the owners to the club to the manger, to the fans, and we all have to stick together and accept that it won’t be easy. The storms will try to slow us down and the dark days will cloud our vision but we need to see the golden skies in our hearts or else it will all be pointless. From doubters to believers. That’s the message the new manager is sending to the fans. Believe and believe and never stop believing. Welcome to Liverpool Football Club, Jurgen Klopp, The Normal One

by Admin Fran