Liverpool players reportedly gathered for a meeting following the club’s 4-1 loss to Arsenal that all but ended the Reds’ Champions League hopes. With controversy rising surrounding the contracts of stars Jordan Henderson and Raheem Sterling, Rodgers insists that the group continues to fight and that such a meeting was nothing out of the ordinary.

“We have lots of meetings here in terms of analyzing performance and it was no different to a whole host of meetings we have all year. Those meetings helped us recover from the bad start we had to win 10 games out of 13,” Rodgers said.” “It was nothing really; it was just analyzing performance, analyzing where we are at and then feeding forward to the players. With seven games to go and an FA Cup quarter-final, the objectives we can clearly achieve between now and the end of the season. It is just unfortunate something else was made up.

“I have a great bunch of players here who tirelessly every single day give me everything and you can see that in how we play. We might be short in terms of several elements but in terms of the commitment and work ethic that is pretty clear and has been since I’ve been here.”