On our current midfield situation.
Henderson is our best midfielder and that’s it. No one else can even come near the Gerrard of the past and that’s what we need. A player that knows how to play the better teams and a player that can orchestrate something out of nowhere and turn a game in an instant. Henderson might be able to do it and he shows the signs that he can but he can’t play the Henderson game and the Gerrard game at the same time.
A good choice of partner for Henderson would be Milner in my opinion. He still has a few good years left in him and it would give Liverpool time to look for a more long term quality midfielder, or we might have one already in the young lads, but the maturity isn’t there yet.
BR loves the versatility in players and I wouldn’t be surprised if his favourite sweets are liquorice allsorts or skittles but being a bit over versatile as a manager has been his downfall lately. Injuries don’t help and it’s not looking good with players banned either but BR is an interesting manager that has qualities that are very rare and refreshing.
If he ever become available, there will be a rush of clubs looking for his services because they know the best is yet to come. ‪#‎fran‬